Morimoto Elite HID Systems

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Welcome to the new benchmark for automotive HID systems, Morimoto.

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  • Break Through The Night: Morimoto HID bulbs offer higher output and longer life then any other aftermarket HID bulb on the market, and are always a perfect color match pair
  • Power and Reliability: Morimotos latest 7th Generation DSPs are the benchmark in warm up speed, hot-strike consistency, and power delivery.
  • Heavy Duty and Built To Last: All Morimoto Elite components feature loomed fire resistance harnesses enhancing appearance and durability.
Morimoto Elite HID Systems for H1, H4, H7, H8, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, 9008, D1S, D2S, D3S
  • The Ultimate HID System For Your Vehicle
  • Lowest Failure Rate In The Industry
  • Unrivaled build quality and output
  • Fully Loomed Wiring
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HID Bulbs: At the heart each Elite kit is a perfectly aligned 100% Philips Quartz glass capsule from APL-USA. Using high quality halide salts from German-supplier Messer.

3000K: Golden Yellow (~2800 lm)

4500K: Warm White (~3500 lm)

5500K: Pure White (~3400 lm)

6500K: Cool White (~3200 lm)

Long Life: The Austrian-sourced Plansee electrodes help keep the bulbs running brighter for longer. These absolutely torch other no-name bulbs in output and longevity

HID Ballasts: The all new XB ballasts feature relocated igniters like OEM units, putting them far closer to the HID bulb. The lack of high voltage transmitted through wiring drastically reduces interference and ensures system reliability.


Need MORE output?                          

Choose the XB55 ballast option!

(+20% intensity) (-20% lifespan)(-1000K color)

Canbus Compatible: The optional Standalone Canbus harness substitute is recommended for European vehicles that display ""bulb out"" error messages. They contain a series of capacitors and resistors to trick the car into thinking nothing has changed and help you avoid annoying lamp-out warnings on the dash.

OEM Grade Harnesses: Morimoto Elite HID Systems come with OEM grade harnesses wrapped in abrasion resistant Techflex. Whether your using an HD relay for your H11 low beam, a MotoControl BiXenon harness in your D2S retrofit, or a Canbus Harness for your H7 powered BMW. Your getting the highest grade looms on the market today.
Backed Up: Let's not forget the 5-year warranty on the entire kit*. The Elite system is designed to run for 2500 hours, so that's what it's guaranteed for. Don't buy into empty promises from other places offering BS ""lifetime"" warranties. Nothing lasts forever, and if you think ""the other guy"" will be there to pick up the phone or even stay in business long enough to assist you when there's a problem; guess again!

[*XB55 kits have 3 year warranty]

If you have any question about upgrading your lighting with Morimoto power,  please give a call and talk to a specialist (714) 582-3330

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