MagnumFLOW High Flow Filter for 2011-12 Ford Mustang GT [S197] 30-80179 31-80179 by aFe Power

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Upgrade from your OEM Air Filter and increase airflow with the aFe MagnumFLOW OER PRO IRF

One of the easiest, quick upgrades you can make to your Ford Mustang is to swap out for OEM air filter for the aFe MagnumFLOW OER PRO Inverted Replacement Filter. Airflow is essential to engine performance, and if you don't have the right air filter for your needs, impurities and dirty air could be running through your machine.

The aFe Inverted Replacement filter is the largest filter you can fit into the OEM airbox on your Mustang. The performance increase is made possible by the integrated urethane bump seals, polyurethane construction, and the inverted positioning. All of these help produce 33% more outflow than your stock air filter. It also helps that the mesh cotton gauze media used gets progressively finer, further helping the direction of airflow. Remember, higher rate of airflow = higher performance. This aFe MagnumFLOW OER PRO filter comes in two versions, the Pro 5 R, which is an oiled filter, and the Pro Dry S, a non-oiled version.

aFe Intake Benefits
  • Easy Installation
  • Increased Airflow
  • Largest Filter capable of fitting factory air box
  • Washable/reusable filter
  • Integrated urethane bumb sealed
  • 100% Polyurethane construction
  • 33% increase of Outflow from factory intake

Application Guide

Vehicle Pro-5R Pro-dry S
2011-2012 Ford Mustang V8 5.0L 30-80179 31-80179

Filter Types - Dry vs Oiled
Pro Dry S aFe Inverted Replacement Filter at Pro 5 R aFe Inverted Replacement Filter at
With a dry filter, you do not have to re-oil your cotton gauze, give you a convenient yet still sufficient performance increase. Two layers of progresive synthetic media make up the filter.
The Pro 5R is five layers of oiled cotton gauze, which also get progressively finer, providing maximum airflow. Although you do have to re-oil this filter periodically, the performance greater than that of a dry filter.
Air Flow Diagram for Pro Dry S filter Air Flow Diagram for Pro 5 R filter is an official stocking distributor for aFe

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