Front Lip for F30/F32 BMWs with F8X Style M Front Bumper

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$55.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Front Lip option for F3X vehicles with an F8X M style front bumper F30M3FT-LIP
  • Complete the F8X Transformation to your F3X with a unique front lip that matches perfectly
  • Durable Polypropylene material makes this thing nearly indestructible
  • Easy to mount and install, this lip is a perfect fit for this F8X style bumper conversion


  • It Stands Out

  • Gains Attention

  • Doesn't Look Too Flashy or Ugly

  • Improve your MPG and Airflow at speed... just a little bit...

Fits These Vehicles


So you've modded yourself into a bit of a pickle. You've got this great color matched front bumper to transform your F3X into the meaner M3 or M4 you've always dreamed it to be. Except now you realize no lips will fit since your ride is now rocking a front bumper that is neither an F30 or M3.

Well you're in luck, we've thought this one through so you don't have to! This front lip is specially designed to work with this hybrid bumper style as the mounting points and positions are slightly different compared to their OEM counterparts obviously. So keep those M chasing dreams a reality, with this Front Lip option for F3X vehicle rocking the F8X Style front bumper!

Front Lip option for F3X vehicles with an F8X M style front bumper F30M3FT-LIP

Please contact us if you have questions about the Front Lip option for M style front bumpers for F30 and F32 3-Series and 4-Series Vehicles.
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