No Longer Available - Fifteen52 Tarmac Forged Wheels for Audi- CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER

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Fifteen52 Turbomac Forged Wheels for Audi - CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER
ffifteen52 Forged Monoblock Turbomac Wheels for Audi - CUSTOM ORDER




  • Iconic Vented 5-Spoke Design Makes Your Car Look Sick
  • Fully Customizable
  • Exclusivity- No one else will have these!
Available Applications:
  • All Vehicles
Fitment Specs:
  • Custom-Made To Your Fitment

The iconic fifteen52 Turbomac in forged monoblock construction.

Built from a solid 6061 forged aluminum billet, this is a very strong and relatively lightweight motorsports-quality wheel.

These are custom built to your PCD, offset, and center bore and offered with the world-famous '52' 3D center cap.

Talk to a ModExpert for your pricing and to spec out your custom fifteen52s.

Audi TT RS Forged Turbomac

Audi TT RS Forged Turbomac angle 2

Audi TT RS Forged Turbomac angle 3

Audi TT RS Forged Turbomac angle 4



If you have any questions about these fifteen52 Forged Monoblock Turbomac Wheels please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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