Eurosport Monza Wheels Clearance - 20x8.5 et38 20x10 et40 5x120mm Satin Black Machined Finish

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  • Improve your BMW with a set of Eurosport Monza wheels, resulting in a better handling vehicle
  • Keep yourself different from the crowd with these amazing wheels
  • Attract attention everywhere you go and keep your BMW looking good



  • E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, F30/F31 3 Series
  • E39, E60, F10/F11/F07 5 Series

Take your BMW to the next level of personalization with a set of Eurosport Monza Wheels. The Eurosport Monza Wheels are available in 3 aggressive finishes; Matte Black Machined Face, Machined Silver, and Gunmetal Machined Face.


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Size Offset Bolt Pattern Centerbore Finish
20x8.5 ET38 5x120 72.56 Matte Black Machined
20x10 ET40 5x120 72.56 Matte Black Machined

These Eurosport Monza Wheels have a layer of clear coat applied to them after being painted and polished, and as a result, the wheels are easier to clean, and will stay clean for longer periods of time. You may use any automotive soap to effectively clean these wheels, as well as adding a thin layer of wax to enhance the shine of the Eurosport Monza Wheels.

These Eurosport Monza Wheels are manufactured to meet the highest performance, quality, and safety standards in the industry. The wheel passes JWL and VIA standards to ensure the highest level of safety and quality.


Shipping is a flat $99 to the anywhere within the United States (Excluding Hawaii & Alaska) . International shipping quotes are available via e-mail.



Matte Black Machined Face:

BMW_F10_550i_Eurosport_Monza_Sale_Wheels (22)

Eurosport Monza Wheels E60 5 Series

Eurosport Monza Wheels E60 5 Series

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