Eibach Sportline Springs for 2013 Ford Focus ST 4.14035

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Eibach Sportline Springs
Eibach SPORTLINE is the extreme-performance spring set created for the extreme enthusiast—the one who craves a race-car attitude for maximum street performance—with the lowest possible drop, but with the exceptional ride quality you expect from Eibach.

Engineered with the same care as our PRO-KIT springs, Eibach SPORTLINE springs achieve legendary handling by aggressively lowering your Focus's center of gravity, using our precision— engineered progressive spring rates.

By radically lowering your car's center of gravity, our SPORTLINE springs dramatically reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and nosedive under braking. By using our proprietary, progressive spring design, our SPORTLINE springs provide the ultimate balance between high performance, extreme lowering and comfortable ride quality. When combined with today's wild high-performance wheels and tires, the result is a car that handles just as white-hot as it looks.

When trying to decide which lowering springs are right for you, your goal should not be to drop down the car as far as possible. In many cases, overly ""slammed"" cars may actually be illegal for road use and terrible performers. The ideal range of adjustment should be 0.5 to 2 inches using traditional lowering springs. Any lower, the height of the perch should be adjusted by using a ride-height adjustable coilover suspension.

Vehicle Model Chassis / Drivetrain Notes Approx. Front Lowering Approx. Rear Lowering Part Number
Ford Focus ST 2011-14 5-Dr SPORTLINE 1.4 1.4 4.14035



OE rate: 29 N/mm (167 lbs/in)
SLK rate: 23 - 40 N/mm (131 - 228 lbs/in )
Tubing: 1x UB0205-3
Bump-stop: BS770015
Dust Boot: OE
Damper: OE

Front Alignment:SPORTLINE-2013 FORD FOCUS
OE Camber = -1.3° - +0.3°
OE Caster = +2.5° - +4.5°
OE Total Toe = 0.10° +/-0.15°
SLK Camber = -1.2°
SLK Caster = 4.5°
SLK Total Toe = 0.2°

Approximate installation time: 2.0 hr

OE rate: 31 N/mm (177 lbs/in)
SLK rate: 25 - 44 N/mm (143 - 251 lbs/in)
Tubing: 2x UB0205-1
Bump-stop: BS770037
Damper: BS770043

Rear Alignment:SPORTLINE-2013 FORD FOCUS?
OE Camber = -2.0° – 0.0°
OE Total Toe = +0.16° - +0.56°
SLK Camber = -1.6°
SLK Total Toe = 0.32°

Approximate installation time: 1.0 hr 







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