Diode Dynamics XP80 LED Replacements

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Diode Dynamics XP80 LED Replacements

Sizes: 1156, 1157, PSX24W, H16, H11, H10, H8, 9006, 9005, 7443, 3156, 3157


The Diode Dynamics XP80 LED Replacement is the perfect choice for upgrading your car's lighting effects. The XP80 LED Replacement provides a more modern look for your turn signals, fog lights, and even reverse lights with 510 lumens. Available in 6000k cool white, red, and amber. Even though these products are high-power, it runs at a constant current for high reliability. The XP80 has four sides and on each of those sides are three 5W-rated chips while under the projector lens lies four more chips. Completely plug-and-play, these LED replacements do not need any sort of splicing or cutting at all!




*For only the FR-S (not BRZ), a ""switchback"" option is available. The dual filament bulb is only suitable for front turn signals when there is a clear reflector. On a normal basis, the front turn signal lights are only at half-power amber when the headlights are turned on and flashes at full-power amber when you activate the turn signal. With the dual-filament design coupled with an integrated controller chip in the bulb, the ""switchback"" bulb lights up in white, when the headlights are on and flashes amber when the turn signals are being used. Once the turn signal is de-activated, the lights switch back to white. This feature allows you to have a pure white look at night while retaining the amber colored turn signals.



All Diode Dynamics Products come with a 3-year replacement warranty.



Have any questions about the Diode Dynamics LEDs? Give us a call! (714) 582-3330

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