CTEK Multi US 4.3 Battery Charger for 12V Lead-Acid Batteries - 56-864

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  • Stress free! Never worry about your battery overcharging or going flat.
  • This charger will test your battery health and take steps to keep it working at maximum capacity.
  • Quality you can trust - advanced safety features and a 5 year warranty to give you peace of mind.


  • Recovers, Charges, and Maintains batteries to maximise performance and extend life.
  • Spark free operation and reverse polarity protection
  • Plug and play operation
  • 5 year warranty


  • Vehicles equipped with 12V lead-acid batteries (Includes AGM)


Having a good battery charger is essential if you're going to be leaving your car sitting for any extended period of time. Normal trickle charges work ok but they don't have the technology to properly care for and extend the life of a battery. This CTek charger is the perfect choice for not only preserving the battery's life during long periods of non-usage, but also to help restore and maintain full functionality of your battery over time. For instance the CTek Multi US 4.3 charger has an eight step charging system which tests battery condition, charges, and then maintains optimal capacity in the battery without overcharging. Their technology is so advanced that several top car manufacturers (Ferrari, Porsche, Mclaren, etc) use CTek as their factory battery chargers. Add a 5-Year warranty on top of that and you've got your best choice for battery charging and protection.

Battery Charging Stages:

Step 1: Desulfation

Breaks down and removes the buildup of sulfates on the plates using a high voltage low amperage current.

Step 2: Soft Start

Tests and checks the vitals of the battery by feeding it a low current to make sure it can handle its normal capacity.

Step 3: Bulk Charging

Charges the battery normally up to around 80%. After this cycle it is safe to start your car in case you're late for an important meeting or event.

Step 4: Absorption

Charges the battery full to 100% capacity by slowly feeding it current to fill in the lesser filled zones.

Step 5: Analysis

Checks if the battery can hold the charge. If the battery can't maintain capacity at this stage you will probably need to replace it soon.

Step 6: Recondition

Stirs up the chemicals in the battery to counteract the effects of long inactivity and deep discharge.

Step 7: Float charge

Keeps the voltage in the battery topped up so it will maintain 100% capacity over the course of about a week and a half.

Step 8: Pulse Charge

Maintains and prolongs the life of the battery during long periods of inactivity. This is especially good for winter months when your sport or classic car is tucked away. This step keeps your battery just below 100% so the capacity is preserved but without risking overcharging.


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