CTek CTX Battery Sense for vehicles with 12V batteries - 40-149

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  • Real time battery monitoring takes the guesswork out of charging your battery.
  • Can monitor multiple vehicles at once through the free app, taking some of the stress out of maintaining multiple vehicles.
  • Get notifications on your phone if one of your batteries falls to a critical level, elminating the need to constantly monitor them.


  • Free App Download
  • Easy to read graphs showing battery condition
  • Stores statistics for up to three months
  • Convenient notifications of low battery levels


  • Vehicles equipped with 12v batteries


Do you have one or more vehicles (sport or classic cars in winter for instance) that spend extended amounts of time sitting in the garage? When that perfect day for driving comes along you want to be sure your favorite vehicles can start and run properly right? The CTek CTX Battery Sense is a great way to keep a close eye on your battery life without having to frequently check each one with a volt meter or some manual tester. With the Battery Sense you get easy to read graphs and numbers straight to your phone through the free app (available for Apple and Android phones) via bluetooth. This system is compatible with all 12v batteries so no need to worry about newer lithium ion batteries vs traditional lead-acid batteries.


Please contact us if you have questions about the CTEK CTX Battery Sense
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