COBB Tuning BMW N55 Stage 1 Power Package

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  • Better Gas Mileage

  • Reduced emissions

  • Inexpensive and quick upgrade

  • Extends engine life

  • Increased power

  • Increased Airflow


  • Reusable, and can be cleaned
  • Larger filtering surface
  • Higher rate of air permeability
  • Better Pressure Drop Ratio
  • Designed for all climates
  • On-the-go tuning
  • Adaptable tuning to your exact mods

COBB Tuning BMW N55 Stage 1 Power Package

Accessport V3

If you wan  the latest in BMW N55 tuning technology then getting this NEW Cobb Tuning V3 AccessPORT is a MUST!  If you liked the Cobb V2 then you will love the features available with this V3 Cobb AccessPORT.  This Cobb Tuning V3 gives you the same BIG horsepower and torque increases the V2 gave you but with the ability to finely tune each AccessPORT to your BMW; giving you the most optimized tune possible.  With Cobb's new easy to use, large LCD screen, tuning and features are easier assessable than ever before.


This Cobb V3 AccessPORT unleashes the hidden power within your N55 engine by taking off the the restrictive OEM settings.  This AccessPORT V3 installation is easy by plugging it directly into your OBD port and flashes your BMW's ECU in a matter of minutes (just follow the steps listed on the AccessPORT).  The tuning is extremely flexible and allows you to choose on the fly one of the performance maps that are already loaded onto the AccessPORT. This tune is an ECU flash, not a piggy-back tuner, there will be no added devices to your vehicle's ECU. Extract every bit of power from your N55 engine today and drastically improve performance with a COBB Tuning V3 AccessPORT from ModBargains!


Up to a 19% Horsepower Increase // Up to a 26% Torque Increase // NEW Easy to use LCD Screen

High Flow Air Filter

ModBargains now offers the new high flow filter from COBB Tuning for the BMW N55 motor.. Installed directly in the vehicle's OEM air box, this filter produced by COBB Tuning allows an increased airflow due to its high performance materials. These materials are the reason why your car will be able to breathe more easily in every climate including high altitude and extremely hot weather. The pre-oiled part of the filter protects from fuel fumes and oxidization, while catching impurities that are much smaller than what is captured by the OEM air filter. COBB Tuning knows their stuff.  They have been involved with endurance racing, drifting and drag racing for a very long time.  So if there is a part you can trust, it's the COBB Tuning BMW N55 High Flow Air Filter!  Call 714-582-3330 to order today!

The COBB Tuning BMW N55 Stage 1 Power Package includes the COBB AccessPORT V3 and the N55 High Flow Air Filter.

Call to get your race proven air filters today: (714) 582-3330.

Make/Model Year Part Number
BMW 535i, 535i GT 2010+ 6B2X31
BMW 335i/xi (Excluding 335is) 2011-2012 6B2X31
BMW 135i 2011-2012 6B2X31

Cobb Tuning BMW N55 Stage 1 Power Package

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