BAV Sound Revenant PnP Amplifier Upgrade

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BAVSound Revenant PnP Amp for BMWs
  • In-House tuned specifically for each BMW Model
  • Listen at Higher Volumes now with triple the output of your lame factory amp
  • More Impact at Any Intensity Feel Every Note
  • Unique ""Bass Expander"" provides clear bass at low/moderate volumes


  • More Clarity, Detail & Sound Richness

  • More Power & Volume

  • In-House Tuned

  • PnP System


  • For Standard Audio Systems ONLY, Not Compatible With Harman Kardon, Bang & Olufsen, etc

  • All BMW E9X 3 Series

  • All BMW F3X 3 Series

  • All BMW F3X 4 Series

  • BMW M3/M4 F8X

  • BMW X3 F25

  • BMW X5 F15

  • BMW X6 E71

  • All Other BMW Vehicles (Custom Bracket Needed)

Taking what was already a good thing... and completely knocking it out of the park, BAVSOUNDs next generation Revenant amp is pure audio bliss. With higher DSP resolution, greater output, and new custom audio profiles custom tuned in house for each vehicle. BAVSOUND has taken out all the guess work to obtaining an amazing audio experience for your ears.

Specifically designed to make the install experience easier and improving your soundscape, BAVSOUND took the unique approach of bringing amp tuning in-house. Using their years of audio experience you can feel confident that you will have the best sounding BMW on the block hands down.

Bavsounds proprietary ""Bass Expander"" fixes one of the chief complains with all BMW sound enthusiasts, bass frequencies With this new feature, clear and punchy low frequencies still ring true even at low to moderate freqiencies. No more fiddling with dials and settings, your getting the best audio experience money can buy.

Best of all, this is an upgrade you can accomplish yourself now in even less time. (45min) No cutting of wires or splicing involved, and no visual changes to your interior dash, just swap the unit in to your OEM trench location.

BAVSound Revenant PnP Amp for BMWs

  • Proprietary Class HD Technology provided peerless sensitivity with minimal heat generation

  • 7 Separate and configurable amp channels for max flexibility

  • Extremely powerful DPS tuned exasctly to your vechile out of the box

  • 64-bit DSP with 24-bit AD/DAC


  • S/PDIF Optical input 12-96kHz

  • 2-Mono RCA Output for external sub amp

  • Optical SPDIF Input w/ Auto-Manual Switchover

  • A2DP Bluetooth Options

Output Power RMS: 645 Watts
5 x 65W/130W
2 x 160W / 320W Sub
Number Of Inputs
4x Highlevel, 1x Optical, 1 x MEC, 1 x Remote In
DSP Processing Power:
295 Mhz

DSP Resolution:

Frequency Response:

Total Harmonic Distortion:

Please contact us if you have questions about the BAVSound Revenant PnP Amp for BMWs with factory SA676 Systems
(714) 582-3330

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