AWE Tuning Exhaust for 1999-2005 Porsche 911 TURBO / GT2 [996/996TT] 3010-11052

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AWE Tuning’s extensive Research and Development has yielded an exhaust that is remarkably civil while idling/part throttle cruising, but unleashed at full throttle it produces what some have called a “war-cry wail.” AWE's exhausts are like bespoke suits; each is hand-made utilizing only the finest materials, and they command respect while never losing composure. Just like your Porsche.

Born from AWE's extensive work with the 997 GT2, the AWE Tuning Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust’s single can muffler is designed to smooth the exhaust tone by incorporating a harmonic cross over effect between the two cylinder banks inside the muffler.

Throughout the entire Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust’s R&D process, AWE Tuning has taken extra steps to produce a no compromise exhaust muffler.  The result?  Perfect tone, even at part throttle between 2000 and 2800 RPM.


  • Max Gains of 30hp and 29tq / Peak Gains of 28hp and 14tq
  • Fits 996TT and GT2 models
  • High Flow Cat version available
  • European Car magazine Select Gear winner!
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Specifically Designed To Prevent Drone
  • Awesome ""War Cry Wail"" Under WOT

Unique to the AWE Tuning Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust is that our design incorporates German HJS 200 cell per square inch metal substrate catalytic converters, to ensure long term emission compliance and no check engine lights. The use of premium 200 cell per square inch cats produced less than 1 psi of additional backpressure when compared to the optional AWE Tuning 996TT/GT2 Connecting Pipes. As with all AWE Tuning exhaust products, each TIG weld is hand finished internally, only butt-welded junctions are used, and flange openings are size matched to their ports, all to produce the smoothest flow possible. It is this intensive attention to detail that sets AWE Tuning exhaust products heads and shoulders above the rest.

Each AWE Tuning Porsche 996TT/GT2 Performance Exhaust features an O2 sensor, threaded bung before the driver side catalytic converter for quick and easy installation of a wide band air/fuel sensor. Each system also comes complete with new hanging straps, exhaust nuts, and all gaskets to ensure a perfect, leak free install.





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