AutoTech Adjustable Sway Bar Brackets

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ClubSport Adjustable Swaybar Brackets
Autotech offers adjustable swaybar mount kits for both the front of the Mk4 and the rear of Mk3/Mk2 models. For the Mk4 front, our ClubSport mount kit will fit any swaybar that uses factory outer links. Our Mk3/Mk2 rear upgrade is applicable only to Autotech swaybars. A great way to add adjustability when you already have upgraded swaybars.


Mk4 front adj bracket set

Mk3/Mk2 rear adj bracket set
Description Part Number
Front Adj Bracket Kit, Mk4 (except 4Motion) 10.425.1500K
Rear Adj Bracket Kit, Mk3/Mk2 (Autotech swaybars only) 10.510.430K
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Sway Bars