ATP Turbo Hotside Chargepipe for 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST [JA8 ST180 MK 7.5] ATP-FIE-004

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ATP Turbo Hotside Chargepipe for 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST [JA8 ST180 MK 7.5] ATP-FIE-004
ATP Turbo Catless Hot Side Chargepipe for 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST [JA8 MK 7.5 ST180]

ATP Turbo high flow charge air pipe includes 1” side port for upgrade mechanical BOV (Tial, HKS, Greddy, etc.). Alternatively, stock electric diverter valve may be relocated to 1” side port (note, stock electric diverter valve integrated into stock turbo compressor housing). Upgrading stock turbo to Garrett GT/GTX turbo requires a high flowing mechanical or vacuum actuated valve to handle increased flow on throttle lift.

NOTE: ATP Turbo's high flow charge air pipe for Fiesta ST owners is less than ideal for those without turbo upgrade plans - the cold side chargepipe is not a restriction and this offers a 2.4kpa reduction in pressure drop. Originally it was thought that there was no significant gain for the chargepipe of the Fiesta ST, however further testing proved this not to be the case. While the choking point occurs at turbo outlet (1.5” outer diameter and slightly above 1.25” inner diameter), the omission of the resonator improves throttle response Alternatively, intercooler upgrade will yield better returns and greatly enhances performance from even the stock turbo. The additional provisions of the ATP Hotside Chargepipe allow for an alternate blow-off valve and varies slightly from the stock configuration.
When using ATP Turbo high flow charge pipe and turbo upgrade (stock location), a 2” to 2” 45 degree silicone coupler is required; and you are ready to handle big turbo power up to 400WHP.


  • A Must for those going BIG TURBO
  • 2” pipe diameter, all mandrel bent elbows, and TIG welds
  • There is no cutting of any kind required for install
  • Manufactured in U.S.A. from aluminum
  • Direct-Fit Install
  • 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST [JA8 ST180 MK7.5]


If you have any questions about these ATP Turbo Fiesta ST Hot Side Chargepipes please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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