No Longer Available - AP Racing Formula Big Brake Kit E85 Z4

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AP Racing Big Brake Kits
Whether your pushing it on the track or just driving on the road, your brakes should be performing at their best, and the best means AP Racing. The same company who continuously supplied championship winning teams in Formula 1, NASCAR, LeMans, FIA GT, ALMS, LMES, Grand Am, Super GT, BTCC, DTM, etc. In nearly all types of serious motor racing around the world, AP Racing gets the call more often when only the best will survive.

When Ultima Sports needed a brake system for their multiple world record holding 200mph street-driven Ultima GTR super car, they knew who to call. Their all conquering AP Racing equipped Ultima GTR has, for the third consecutive year, smashed the world record for sprinting to 100mph and back to zero again in a gut wrenching 9.4 seconds That is .5 second FASTER than the Bugatti Veyron and a blistering 1.5 seconds FASTER than the Ferrari Enzo! All of this was done in the daily-driven factory demonstrator with street tires and no ABS or traction control!

Track professionals understand the need for absolute control. AP Racing understands how to give that same control to your E85 Z4!

General Benefits of Big Brake Kits

Original Equipment (OE) brake systems do the job they were intended to, stop safely and quietly for the lowest cost possible. After adding performance upgrades, while towing, or just having some fun in the canyons, OE brakes are often overwhelmed by heat when the moment of truth arrives.

Big Brake Kits give your vehicle that super car look and feel, while significantly improving your brake performance in two areas. First, larger brake discs increase heat capacity, meaning your brakes will be more resistant to brake fade. Second, stiffer calipers and brake lines increase pedal feel and modulation.

AP Racing Formula Brake Kits

AP Racing's Formula Performance Brake Kits are designed for everyday road use and weekend track use. These kits reduce braking effort and give a more responsive late-braking confidence.

Provides increased resistance to fade after repeated high speed stops at the track, AND is still able to cope with day-to-day motoring. These kits are based on AP Racing's championship-winning braking systems.
These kits feature:

• AP Racing differential bore 4 or 6-piston calipers
• Large diameter slotted rotors with aluminum hats
• Aluminum mounting brackets
• High performance brake pads - Ferodo DS2500
• Stainless steel braided lines with flexible line guards
• AP Racing Formula DOT 5.1 brake fluid
• Bolts, washers and fittings - everything you need for installation

You can now posses the same advanced brake technology found in Formula 1, NASCAR, World Rally Championship (WRC), Champ Car World Series, American Le Mans Series (ALMS), Grand-Am and more at an affordable price.

*Kit is available in two configurations: Black Calipers with Yellow Script or Red Calipers with White Script.

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