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AP Racing

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AP Racing

AP Racing Big Brake Kits are designed to replace your old stock braking system and outlast all other competitors. Standard OEM brake parts are built for minimal use and tend to fade and rust, giving your wheels an unattractive look and lower performance capability. AP Racing Big Brake Kits are manufactured to be lightweight and heat resistant in order to reduce weight resistance and fading and ensure the fastest braking system for your Audi  B8. AP Racing Brake Kits are also designed and proven to reduce your breaking effort and have greater stopping power than standard OEM braking systems. This means that by replacing your OEM brake system with an AP Racing Brake Kit, you can easily stop on a dime, either on the track or on the road.

The design of AP Racing Brake Kits (available in Red or Black) are also appealing through any after-market rims, perfect for your B8 Audi. An AP Racing Big Brake Kit will make your A4, S4, A5, or S5 look presentable for car shows and events. This high quality, appealing design has allowed AP Racing to equip several vehicle types, such as racing cars, motorbikes, standard OEM road vehicles, and even armored defense vehicles.

AP Racing Unassembled Big Brake Kit Black

Track Racing Background:

AP Racing has built a strong reputation for itself, sponsoring racing teams at the most renown racing events for over 40 years. AP Racing has equipped winners in Grand Prix racing events, Touring Car Racing events (such as DTM, BTCC, WTCC, and Ausralian V8 Supercar), GT and Sports Car racing (such as Le Mans), Rally racing (such as Group 4 Escorts, Lotus Sunbeams, Group B Quattros, Metros, RS200s, etc.), Stock Car racing (such as NASCAR), and even  motorbike championships (such as Grand Prix and Superbike); just to name a few.

Call Us To Get Your AP Racing Big Brake Kit For Your Audi B8 Today! (714) 582-3330

4 or 6-Piston Calipers:
• Durable, lightweight pressure-cast aluminum alloy
• 2-piece design ensures maximum rigidity
• Fixed radial mount for reduced pedal resistance
• 4 or 6 pistons to maximize pad area contact for maximum brake power
• Solid, rigid features for firm pedal feel
• Dust seals for everyday driving
• Lug-mount versions for Mini Cooper, GTO and E46 M3 rear
Available in Red or Black.

• Directional curved vanes serve as cooling vent
• 2-piece modular design with aluminum alloy hat handles heat
• Cross-drilled and slotted for aggressive pad bite and additional cooling
• Slotted-only optional for heavy race track use, allowing for maximum temperature control

*Take a look at the rotor design options below*


AP Racing Red and Black Calipers

AP Racing Brake Discs

Brake Pads:
• Now featuring the ultimate in high-performance street and track use
• Virtually fade-free Mintex Xtreme Motorsport pad compound
• Consistent coefficient of friction cold to over 1300
• Linear response and quick release
• Easier on discs than many current “high-performance” compounds
• Lowest noise
• Competition compounds also available
1 or 2-piece disc assembly:
• 2-piece front discs have aluminum alloy hats
• Reduced weight and better thermal conductivity (fixed bobbin mounting)
• Cost-effective 1-piece disc kits available for many models
• Rear applications retain parking brake function
• Curved vane venting for maximum internal cooling
• Cross-drilled and slotted for best street performance
• Slotted-only available for heavy track day use

AP Racing Big Brake Kit Red

Call Us To Get Your AP Racing Big Brake Kit For Your Audi B8 Today! (714) 582-3330

Brake Disc/Rotor Design Options:

AP Racing provides several rotor design options for its braking kits. Please call us to discuss these options further. (714) 582-3330

AP Racing Brake Disc Curved Vanes

AP Racing Brake Disc Slotted-Only

Slotted-Only Cross-Drilled and Slotted

Call Us To Get Your AP Racing Big Brake Kit For Your Audi B8 Today! (714) 582-3330


Make ID/Chassis Model Year Pistons Part#
Audi B8 A4 2009-2011 6P AP7300
Audi B8 A4 2009-2011 4P AP7350
Audi B8 A5 2008-2011 6P AP7300
Audi B8 A5 2008-2011 4P AP7350
Audi B8 S4 2009-2012 6P AP7300
Audi B8 S4 2009-2012 4P AP7350
Audi B8 S5 2008-2012 6P AP7300
Audi B8 S5 2008-2012 4P AP7350

AP Racing Glowing Disk

Call Us To Get Your AP Racing Big Brake Kit For Your Audi B8 Today! (714) 582-3330

AP Racing BMW M3 Red Calipers

AP Racing Track Race
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