AMS Performance Titanium Race Series Cat-Back for 2008+ Mitsubishi Evo X

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  • Announce your arrival with power with a             No-Nonsense all business racing sound.
  • Out drag and out launch other Evo owners         with improved engine performance
  • Become king of the mountain, track, or best of show with prestigious ultra light weight Titanium.



  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • 3"" Piping w/ .049"" wall thickness
  • 10lb vs stock 45lb (78% Lighter vs. Stock)
  • 15WHP gains
  • Includes Gaskets/Hardware


  • 2008+ Evo 10 GSR & MR
  • Fits USDM, JDM, EDM models
AMS Performance Titanium Race Series Cat-Back Exhaust for EVO X
AMS Performance Titanium Race Series Cat-Back Exhaust Tip for EVO X AMS Performance Titanium Race Series Cat-Back Exhaust for EVO X
The AMS EVO X Titanium Race Series Cat-Back provides both significant power gains while also reducing the weight of your vehicle. Every system is TIG welded with smooth 15 degree radiused ensuring restriction free exhaust flow.


Built From Titanium For Ultimate Performance

The AMS Titanium Race Series Exhaust is built for maximum horsepower gains while also providing a significant drop in the over all weight of your vehicle. Its light weight construction with wall thickness that is only 0.049"" inches thick results in a system that is 35lb lighter then your factory components. The lighter your vehicle is, the faster off the line it will be, and the more speed you can carry into a corner.


Zero Restriction For Maximum Power


Your Evo X was built for speed, but unfortunately came out of the factory with a restricted exhaust system. Vehicles built for speed still are still bound by the regulations for Noise, Vibration, and Harshness that all OEMs must comply to. Unlock your EvoX's hidden potential and let it's turbo work to its fullest with an unrestricted 3.0"" system with minimum bends and none of the 'neck-down' bottlenecks often found on other systems. Your EvoX was built for speed, so unleashed all its hidden horses.


If you have any questions about the AMS Performance Evo X Titanium Racing Series Exhaust please give us a call at 714-582-3330

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