AMS Nissan GT-R 90mm Midpipe / Y-Pipe

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The AMS Nissan GT-R Midpipe is one of the largest diameter midpipe on the market. Using a large 90mm (3.5”) primary pipe AMS was able to optimize exhaust gas flow and make the engine work a lot more efficiently. Most systems implement two 76mm (3”) pipes that Y into a 76mm primary pipe causing turbulence and unnecessary backpressure. By making this AMS GT-R primary pipe 90mm they were able to greatly improve exhaust flow, freeing up horsepower and improving turbo spool time. With unrivaled fit, finish and performance the AMS Nissan GT-R 90mm Midpipe will easily support any future modifications.

  • Large 90mm (3.5”) primary section for optimal exhaust flow
  • 100% Stainless Steel construction. No mild steel flanges or hangers
  • Precision Tig welded
  • Twin 76mm (3”) Stainless Steel flex sections with smooth bore liners
  • All flanged connections. No band clamps or slip fits to come loose
  • Stock like fitment and no ground clearance issues
  • Available with or without 90mm muffler section
  • Bolts up to the stock downpipes and muffler back exhaust or most aftermarket systems
  • Includes gaskets and hardware
  • Unrivaled fit and finish

Kit Includes

  • 90mm Midpipe
  • Gaskets and hardware
  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel with .049” wall thickness
  • Twin 76mm (3”) inlets Y into 90mm (3.5”) primary pipe
  • Twin 76mm (3”) Stainless Steel flex sections
  • 3/8"" Thick Stainless Steel flanges


  • 2009 and up Nissan GT-R
  • Fits all USDM Models, European and JDM models not yet tested.

Without Muffler

With Muffler

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