aFe Power Stage 1 Cold Air Intake System for 2000-2006 BMW X5 4.4L/4.8L [E53]

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An AFE  Stage 1/Stage 2 Cold Air Intake System for your X5 is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to increase your car's performance. The cold air intake replaces your restrictive factory air box which allows for an increased air flow meaning more horsepower. Not only does power increase, but many have observed an increase in MPG. The AFE intake also comes with a 16 gauge power-coated heat shield that allows your vehicle to use only colder air coming from the front of the vehicle.  Give your car a boost in power while improving fuel economy with an AFE Cold Air Intake.

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aFe Intake Benefits
  • Performance benefits
  • Washable air filter
  • Improved MPG when cruising
  • New appearance in your engine bay
  • High quality made in USA
  • Installs using the factory mounting locations

Application Guide

Vehicle Part Number
00-06 X5 4.4L/4.8L Stg. 1 51/54-10681
00-06 X5 4.4L/4.8L Stg. 2 51/54-10682



Stage 1

Stage 2

About AFE Filters
AFE filters are constructed from 100% polyurethane which makes them very durable, and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. The construction of the pleats in the filter is deeper than that of any other filter, this provides for an increased flow and prevents a greater amount of dust from reaching your engine.

You have the choice between the aFe Pro 5R air filter which is oiled and provides the greatest flow, or aFe Pro Dry S which does not use a any special oiling.

  • Durable construction
  • Deep pleats for increased filtration
  • Washable/re-useable

Performance Gains

Vehicle Horsepower Increase Torque Increase Flow Increase
2000-2006 X5 4.4L/4.8L Stg. 1 10 20 55%
2000-2006 X5 4.4L/4.8L Stg. 2 10 20 87%

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