AEM Brute Force Intake 6.0L Excursion/F-250/F-350

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An AEM Brute Force Air Induction System for your Ford will give you more horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. An AEM intake replaces your stock intake and restrictive intake housing, and allows your engine to breathe easier. Apart from performance gains you will also see an increase in fuel economy, and a change in your engine's tone as well as a deeper exhaust note. AEM intakes add to the overall look and sound of your car. With the intake you will no longer need to waste your money on paper air filters. This is because the filter that comes with the intake is washable, and makes buying paper air filters a thing of the past. AEM uses dryflow filters that do not use oil to trap dirt. A Brute Force Air Induction System is for anyone who is serious about adding horsepower and torque to their vehicle, as well as; receiving better fuel economy, and adding a sense of personalization.

Why Dryflow Filters?
Dryflow filters have several features that make them better than standard cotton-gauze filters. The dryflow filter is independently tested to filter up to 99.52% cumulative efficiency using SAE fine dust test procedures. Testing on oiled filters has shown efficiency as low as 93% (cumulative) or worse. Unlike cotton filters, the dryflow media will never degrade with normal maintenance. It is also much more durable than cotton-gauze, or oiled filters.

  • More horsepower and torque from your engine
  • Increase in gas mileage
  • Custom look under your vehicle's hood
  • Deepens engine and exhaust tone
  • Reusable filter. Don't buy paper filters ever again


Intake Fitments Finish Part No.
04-05 6.0L Excursion/ 04-06 6.0L F-250/F-350 polished 21-9113DP
04-05 6.0L Excursion/ 04-06 6.0L F-250/F-350 grey powdercoat 21-9113DC


  • Installation usually takes less than 90 minutes
  • Doesn't require and special tools
  • Can be installed with only one person
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