Active Autowerke / KSM Limited Slip Differential for 2007-13 BMW 335i [E90/E92]

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NO Slip / Positive Traction / Guaranteed / Performance

Unfortunate History for BMW’s Open Differential
Ever since the year of 1995, a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) was an UNAVAILABLE feature from BMW.  The only vehicles that came with LSD as a standard were the BMW M-Series vehicles, such as the M3, M5 and M6.  What does this mean to you?  Well, if you’re a proud owner of the Ultimate Driving Machine that’s NOT a M-Series, all the power going to both wheels are NOT being delivered properly and equally to the asphalt.  As a result, your performance and/or traction are challenged.

Before you go off to your dealer to ask about your 335i and its LSD, let us tell you…your dealer does NOT have any LSDs available for your BMW 335i, nor does your vehicle come equipped with one.

Rebuildable Differentials
As if what BMW did since 1995 wasn’t complicating, any BMW 335i with a build date AFTER March 2007, now have the Differential Crown/Ring gear MATED/WELDED to the differential as an integral part of the differential assembly.  This is a HUGE issue because that means they CANNOT be bolted off and separated from the stock differential assembly, making the factory core COMPLETELY USELESS for any aftermarket LSD applications.

Why Install a Limited Slip Differential?
Well, let us answer this question with another question:  What’s the point of having all that horsepower and torque if you’re going to lose most of it anyway?

BMW’s 335i is equipped with what is called an OPEN DIFFERENTIAL.  In BMW’s Open Differential, power will be delivered to both the rear wheels simultaneously, but one rear wheel won’t transfer all the power to the asphalt—this results in LOSS of traction and performance.

What makes up Active Autowerke’s Limited Slip Differential?
Through immense cooperation and effort, Active Autowerke and KMS designed a solution for the BMW 335i to provide positive traction!  Your factory 335i differential housing with the current differential ratios are mated to a 4 clutch disk LSD unit, providing a 30/90 ramping that is hand-built and assembled by the BMW Master Tech and differential guru, Brett Anderson of KMS.  All these components are guaranteed with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on differential parts and workmanship.

**Note:  Special tools are required for removing and installing a BMW 335i differential.

Available LSD Options
For BMW 335i vehicles with build dates BEFORE March 2007, your differential crown and internals can be used as a good and useable core.  The core deposit is only $650 and
WILL be refunded after inspection and verification.

For BMW 335i vehicles with build dates AFTER March 2007, your differential crown is mated permanently to the differential assembly, meaning your core cannot be used.  As a result, you will need another differential and yours cannot be exchanged.  The additional cost is $1280.  Please refer to “Rebuildable Differentials” as to what differentials are rebuildable.

Component Features:
-HAND-BUILT by BMW Master Tech, Brett Anderson
-Positive traction with 30/90 ramping
-Multiple clutch disc unit
-E92 335i STANDARD models ONLY with 3.08:1 ratio

Active Autowerke’s Limited Slip Differential
*This image shows you the fused Crown gear mated to a 03/2007 BMW differential assembly.
**This is a NON-rebuildable differential

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