Active Autowerke Gen 3 Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel BMW E36 M3

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Active Autowerke Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel
Meet the unofficial flywheel of champions. Thoroughly tried, tested and proven since 1996 – it’s helped power many Active Autowerke turbo BMW's to over 600 BHP with zero problems.

Designed to deliver quicker throttle response and stability even under high engine output, this is a super-lightweight 12 lb answer for all E36 M3s with heavyweight power onboard. Yet heft alone is only half the story; durability is also key. Our exclusive Gen 3 flywheel pin retention design is guaranteed to totally eliminate the problem of “pin fly-out” common to aluminum flywheels – a failure that can cause major damage to your transmission bell housing.


  • CAD design and CNC machining ensure ideal balance
  • 12 lbs vs. factory 26 lbs = faster engine revs
  • Will NOT flex under any circumstances
  • More constant contact area between pressure plate and flywheel face
  • Ring gear secured to the flywheel body with a direct bolt vs. pinch-type bolts
  • Pressure plate bolt holes with reinforced ""Heli Coil"" thread inserts for maximum strength and durability
  • Optimal weight balance means less stalling on deceleration
  • Replaceable clutch disc friction surface ensures long life
  • Proven and tested to handle 600+ HP
  • Detailed instructions and hardware included


  • 1995 - 1999 E36 M3


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